Hocco Ice Cream: Legacy Meets Innovation in Market Expansion

Hocco Ice Cream:

Legacy meets innovation in the Chona family's new venture, offering modern twists on authentic Indian flavors.

Funding Boost:

Hocco secures Rs 100 crore funding at a valuation of Rs 600 crore, backed by the Chona family and Sauce VC.

Market Expansion:

Utilizing quick commerce, Hocco aims to extend beyond Gujarat to Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Delhi-NCR.

Growth Projection:

Hocco targets doubling sales by FY26, projecting a revenue surge to Rs 200 crore by March 2025.

Quick Commerce Surge:

Hocco experiences exponential sales growth through quick commerce, doubling month over month.

Strategic Ventures:

Hocco plans to deepen presence in Gujarat while expanding into adjacent territories, leveraging quick commerce's potential.

Challenges Ahead:

Despite rapid growth, Hocco faces competition and SKU constraints in the quick commerce landscape.

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