Empowering Water Innovation: WABAG's BLUE SEED Initiative

WABAG’s Water Expertise:

A stalwart in water treatment, WABAG brings 90 years of experience in total water management.

Global Presence:

With operations spanning four continents, WABAG delivers sustainable water solutions globally.

BLUE SEED Initiative:

WABAG launches BLUE SEED to nurture water tech startups, offering funding, guidance, and market access.

Cash Kickstart:

Startups receive pre-seed and seed funding to jumpstart growth under BLUE SEED.

Expert Advice:

Industry veterans share insights and wisdom to steer startups towards success.

Direct Access:

BLUE SEED opens doors to real-world projects and global markets for startups.

Multinational Powerhouse:

WABAG employs 1,600 water experts across 25 countries, ensuring comprehensive water solutions.

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