Caret Capital and Ev2 Ventures Launch $50M Fund for Indian Startups

Caret Capital and Ev2 Ventures join forces to launch Caret Capital Fund II, a $50 million fund for early-stage Indian startups.

The fund focuses on startups in critical sectors like mobility, distribution, and employment, aiming to nurture India's progress.

Caret360, an associated CXO community, assists corporations in adopting innovations, complementing Caret Capital's investment strategy.

Ev2 Ventures specializes in smart mobility and transportation technology startups, investing in sectors like Electric Vehicles and Logistics Technology.

The collaboration enhances operational effectiveness by leveraging expertise, resources, and networks of both firms.

Pankaj Bansal, Prajakt Raut, and Karan Mittal lead the fund, bringing together their experience and vision for impactful investments.

Recent investments by Caret Capital include SuperProcure and TraqCheck, indicating a focus on supporting promising startups.

The launch of Caret Capital Fund II comes amid a growing trend of new fund launches in India's startup ecosystem, signaling continuous growth in VC investments.

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