Blix Robotix Shark Tank Success in STEAM Education

Blix Robotix by Zephyr Toymakers provides STEAM-focused educational products, addressing skill gaps in the formal education system with hands-on learning experiences.

Founded by Abbas Gabajiwala, Blix Robotix benefits from Zephyr’s 25+ years in STEAM kits and robotics, offering products like Blix Crawlers and Blix DIY RC Explorers.

Abbas, inspired by his mechanical toys passion, expanded his family’s MECHANIX brand into Blix Robotix after earning degrees in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA.

On Shark Tank India, Abbas sought 80 lakhs for 2% equity. Aman and Ritesh's final offer of 80 lakhs for 4% equity, valuing Blix at 20 crores, was accepted.

Blix ranks 33rd among 246 competitors, with 31 funded competitors and over $42 million raised across 59 funding rounds in the STEAM educational kits market.

Top competitors include Avishkaar, offering DIY STEAM kits, CellRobot with modular robotic kits, and SP Robotic Works, a Series A funded company with $4 million.

Shark Tank India has significantly impacted the Indian startup ecosystem, helping entrepreneurs like Abbas gain financial backing and strategic advice from top business leaders.

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