Axita Cotton Welcomes Back Kushal Patel as Managing Director

Introduction to Axita Cotton:

Axita Cotton Limited, an India-based global organic textile company, produces cotton bales and seeds, specializing in varieties like Shankar-6 and MCU-5/MECH.

Product Range:

Axita Cotton offers diverse products, including S-6, MCU-5, V-797, DCH-32, and J-34 cotton bales, as well as specialized cotton like BCI, organic, and Primark sustainable cotton.

Business Operations:

The company engages in trading Kapas, cotton bales, and seeds, as well as ginning and pressing Kapas on a job-work basis, selling mainly in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh.

Global Presence:

Axita Cotton extends its reach globally, serving markets in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Kushal Patel's Leadership:

Mr. Kushal Patel, returning as Managing Director, aims to guide Axita Cotton towards global growth, leveraging his prior experience and dynamic leadership style.

Commitment to Sustainability:

Under Kushal’s leadership, Axita Cotton will continue to embrace organic principles and advance its sustainability initiatives, enhancing its market presence.

Vision and Goals:

Kushal aims to extend Axita Cotton’s global reach, exporting products and values to new countries, while focusing on sustainability and innovation.

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